Mini Potters feed the birds with a winter craft

Today was the first session this year for Mini Potters at Fired 4 U. We run this session to encourage the very young from about 14 months upwards to just before they go to school to try out crafts and pottery painting. They are of course welcome to come to the studio for arty fun at any time, this is just a special session for their age group.

Today our story was about a naughty bear who didn’t want to go to sleep for the winter because he wanted to catch another fish to fill his tummy. In catching the fish he fell through the ice on the lake! He did get rescued by another bear so all ended well. This gave a valuable lesson to us all with all the ice about at the moment.

We then made an interesting Bird feeder to help our winter birds. I cut rice cakes into Bear shapes using a cookie cutter, you could use other shapes or just use the cakes in the round shape in which they come. (The scraps left over from this are on my bird table now so not to waste them.)

Then poke a hole very gently through the rice cake – I gently ‘screwed’ a bamboo skewer through ours. Then thread string through and tie it into a loop to hang off a branch.

Mini potter bird feeders - you can see the uncovered one in the centre

Now spread one side of the rice cake with vegetable fat or lard or the dripping left over from your roast potatoes / veg. Then dip the fatty side into a bowl of loose bird seed and give it a good wiggle in this to get the seeds pressed into the fat. Now repeat on the other side of the cake. You can of course do the edges too.

This gives you a fun bird seed cake to hang up in the garden then sit and wait for the birds to come.

The Mini Potters today thought it was great fun and were hoping to do more at home -sucess! We then painted a pottery piece which was a bear with hat and scarf on to keep warm in the winter, hugging a little pot at his side, ideal for a candle or sweetie treats. One today was even destined as a gift for a Grandma – brilliant idea.

The glazed bears!

Teddy Bird feeder in Jane's Garden this morning ready for the birds!

If you would like to join us next time just give us a call on 01772 203060 to book your place on our session – first Thursday of the month.


Fired 4 U’s Christmas Night out

I like to take my Fired 4 U team out at Christmas to say thanks for all their hard work over the year. My team of girls work hard for me and my mum covers my holidays with the girls and comes down to help me when we are busy and need an extra pair of hands like at the weekend at the Christmas market. Robert keeps me ‘right’ and helps with the decisions on new ideas and any changes and of course all the DIY needed about the studio. He can paint pots well and does help out when we need another extra pair of hands.
So this year I took them all to Bukhara the Indian Restaurant at Samlesbury. We had a lovely meal, starting with poppudums (Thanks Frankie for showing us how to ‘break’ them into smaller pieces!) and pickle tray. Mel had not tried Lime pickle before and despite the others saying “don’t do it its awful stuff” she did. Like me she thought it great in a strange way! We had a main course each and when ordering some with very strange names we all had a giggle at the pronounciations – Ciara had the best one to say! The food was hot and very tasty and complimented by glasses of Lassi – Indian fruit smoothie is the best way to describe it – great with warm to hot curries!

Fired 4 U team at Bukhara Restaurante

Deserts were had by the girls and me as Robert and Mum had had plenty with the large main courses! Lots of nice ice creams, cheese cake, jam roly poly and my fruit platter.

Then we jumped in the cars and moved along the road to Samlesbury Hall to see a Mummers play, The Winter solstice. That was different, bit of humour in a very darkly lit room telling the story of The Green man and Jack frost – they were 2 brothers and Jack frost being a naughty child was banished from home by his mother when very young. He returned as a man and fought the green man to take over all the Seasons. Their mother was distraught and called for their estranged father – Old father Christmas. He sorted them all out and that is how we have Spring and Summer ruled by the Green man and Autumn and Winter ruled by Jack frost!

The girls and I at Samlesbury Hall

It was great to all be together as this doesn’t happen very often working on separate days or out at different events.

Painting by Nipples night for Breast Cancer

Painting by Nipples samples

About 4 years ago I was on a course having only been open for 6 months and I was chatting to a lady with a studio down south who had been doing fund raisers for breast cancer each October which involved the option of printing onto pottery using your breasts. I thought at the time it was a great idea but thought I’d better be a bit more established before I embarked on such an event. I wanted to do something for Breast Cancer as so many customers were coming in and chatting to friends or myself being affected themselves or indirectly. So each spring passed with me thinking about it but I wanted to be a bit different but couldn’t figure out the ‘different’ until this year.

Back in May / June I was suddenly struck by inspiration and thought if I could get a couple of little talks mixed into the evening of fun to add an education factor it might just work. So I emailed Tracy-Jayne Hughes a professional bra fitter and friend, asking would she do a talk on the importance of correctly fitting bras and help organise the night. Within minutes she replied “Oh Yes” and so off we went looking at dates, trying to find a breast care nurse to give a talk and thinking of other ideas to add into the evening. We decided to do our fund raising for Rosemere Cancer Foundation based in Preston Royal Hospital supporting the people of Lancashire and South lakes with cancer treatment and support. We even found a local Chocolatier who had made us miniature breast shaped chocolates in white, milk and dark chocolate with pink nipples!

Following a press releases from Rosemere, a write up about our night ended up on page 3 on 6th September in Lancashire evening post. I was amazed at the response we got and even more so when we were told the on-line article for the paper received the most hits an article had ever had. I began to wonder what I had started? Then the love it! magazine wanted a full page article about our night – National coverage! This was exciting to do and T-J and I kept pinching ourselves was this really happening to us. All we wanted to do was to put an event on which was fun and informative and raise some funds for Rosemere; we did not expect the stir it caused from our customers to Twitter and Facebook and even the post office queue!

But it was doing what we wanted – getting ladies to talk about their health, particularly their breast health and making them aware of what they should do.

The evening was great, amazing, even better than I imagined to the point I felt quite dazed on the night and for a few days after. 31 ladies arrived at Fired 4 U, settled in looked at the pottery to paint; following a short talk by Anne Sweeney from Rosemere, I did a demo on how to use our pottery paints and tools and then advanced to how to paint with your breasts without a live demo I may add! This last part caused a few giggles and I think eased those that weren’t sure whether to or not or stick with the ‘normal’ options.

Ladies hard at work

I so wish I had had a recorder for the comments coming from the Breast painting areas ( kiln room, toilet and the famous Harry’s cupboard) the giggles and laughter were great but the comments were even better;
“Jane my bits wont go in the right place how did you get yours there” this was a lady in progress printing muffins and wanted the nipple cherries on the top!

“My nipple makes heart shaped prints! Is that normal?” there certainly were heart shapes in the middle of these particular nipple prints.

“Jane, I rolled the jug around my breast but it went upwards at the end, what can I make this print into?”

Watch the concentration!

Tracey-Jayne did a talk once everyone who wanted to had their breast prints on their pots and educated us all on the correct way to fit a bra to your shape and how to do a monthly breast check. Everyone learned from the talk how unique everyone’s breasts are to that person and painting them certainly helps you get to know yourself!

Not all the ladies painted with their breasts which is a personal choice for each individual but without exception everyone had a great night and produced fabulous pieces. All can be seen on our Facebook page, some here you have just seen and some on our customers gallery on the website.

The bra collection and other prints

Spoon rests and small change plate


How much did these lovely ladies raise? With studio fee donations after costs, profits from the pottery, raffle donations, direct donations and monies from the drinks and chocolate breasts, we raised £495! T-J and I are delighted with this and thank all those who attended or donated or gave raffle prizes, it all helped to make a fabulous night.

Sandy one our lovely Painting by Nipples ladies has written about the night from her point of view which can be seen on Bras4mums blog which is where you will find T-J and her lovely bras too!

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