7 things you didnt know about me!

Well I was tagged in a meme by @tj_bras4mums my friend and professional bra fitter. So I am rising to the challenge to tell you 7 things you didnt know about me and then I can tag other friends to do the same. So here goes;

1. I was born in Corbridge Cottage Hospital in Northumberland, the hospital is now a pub!. My mum took me there a few years ago and the bed she gave birth to me would have been behind where the bar counter is now!

2. I followed a career path in Hotel Management and became a General Manager in 1999

3. In may i will have been married to Robert for 20 years!

4. I met Rolf Harris and looked after his Didgery doo ( the long stick he blows into!)

5. I met Orvill and got to stroke his fluff – lovely bird and did you know he goes in for re fluffing once a year!

6. I have played the piano since I was 4 years old and took up the flute in 2003

7. Jonny Morris’s autograph is a treasured possession from when I was a child

Hope that was interesting and now to Tag some friends to tell 7 things we don’t know about them. All friends I have met on Twitter, all arty in their own way
@nickie72 – only joking! poor lass keeps getting tagged! But visit her she’s worth it!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. T-J Hughes
    Jan 22, 2011 @ 13:28:01

    Thanks for taking up the challenge Jane, in your busy schedule. Fancy having to look after a Didgery doo! I went on stage with Rolf Harris when about 9, and he asked me if I was married! I was a very tall child (should have kept that one back shouldn’t I?) 😉


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