Fired 4 U’s Christmas Night out

I like to take my Fired 4 U team out at Christmas to say thanks for all their hard work over the year. My team of girls work hard for me and my mum covers my holidays with the girls and comes down to help me when we are busy and need an extra pair of hands like at the weekend at the Christmas market. Robert keeps me ‘right’ and helps with the decisions on new ideas and any changes and of course all the DIY needed about the studio. He can paint pots well and does help out when we need another extra pair of hands.
So this year I took them all to Bukhara the Indian Restaurant at Samlesbury. We had a lovely meal, starting with poppudums (Thanks Frankie for showing us how to ‘break’ them into smaller pieces!) and pickle tray. Mel had not tried Lime pickle before and despite the others saying “don’t do it its awful stuff” she did. Like me she thought it great in a strange way! We had a main course each and when ordering some with very strange names we all had a giggle at the pronounciations – Ciara had the best one to say! The food was hot and very tasty and complimented by glasses of Lassi – Indian fruit smoothie is the best way to describe it – great with warm to hot curries!

Fired 4 U team at Bukhara Restaurante

Deserts were had by the girls and me as Robert and Mum had had plenty with the large main courses! Lots of nice ice creams, cheese cake, jam roly poly and my fruit platter.

Then we jumped in the cars and moved along the road to Samlesbury Hall to see a Mummers play, The Winter solstice. That was different, bit of humour in a very darkly lit room telling the story of The Green man and Jack frost – they were 2 brothers and Jack frost being a naughty child was banished from home by his mother when very young. He returned as a man and fought the green man to take over all the Seasons. Their mother was distraught and called for their estranged father – Old father Christmas. He sorted them all out and that is how we have Spring and Summer ruled by the Green man and Autumn and Winter ruled by Jack frost!

The girls and I at Samlesbury Hall

It was great to all be together as this doesn’t happen very often working on separate days or out at different events.


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