I nearly lost my sight – the dangers of opening a tin of treacle

Last night I decided to bake some wheat and dairy free black treacle flap jacks as I have to cut these items out of my diet for the time being. I enjoy baking and have done for years but little did I know I had a time bomb in my kitchen.

 One of the ingredients to this recipe is black treacle, I found a tin in the cupboard dated 2002 (yes I know amazing how time flies) and thought its only sugar it’ll be fine.

 I started to prise the lid off when “bang” I heard a loud noise like a gun going off at the same time something heavy smacked me in the face across my right eye.

 I found myself on the floor griping my face with wet hands. My eye was throbbing and the pain was sickening. I eventually opened my eye and I could see – the relief was enormous. I looked around expecting to see a gun man in my kitchen – no one there.

 The lid had flown off the tin of treacle, hit my face and disappeared. My hands were wet with blood. I staggered to the toilet to look in the mirror; the gash between my eyes looked scary, exaggerated by the blood everywhere. Cleaned my self up shaking and held a towel on my nose to stop the blood flow.

Then the shock set in, staggering to the settee I blacked out, came round thankfully on the settee – 45 mins later I lifted my head and saw stars with that sick and dizzy feeling. Eventually managed to find the phone and called my husband.

 I had concussion, a bad cut and a minor black eye and whip lash. The lid off the tin was found behind the kitchen door- it had flown off me into the air and travelled over the door – about 8ft in total- very scary.

 We searched the internet – it’s a ‘well known problem’ that an opened tin of black treacle has an unknown reaction in the tin and if not opened for a while it explodes. Since about 2006 there has been a health warning on the tins. Many people sustain serious cuts and the treacle often explodes all over the kitchen – mine stayed in the tin thankfully looking normal. Now I have been in the catering trade for 25 yrs prior to opening my pottery studio and never came across this so not that “well known”

I felt it my duty to warn my family, friends and customers of this hidden danger.

Typing this 16 hours after the incident still feeling wobbly with a banging head, so please approach your tins/bottles of treacle black or other wise with caution and don’t have your head over it when you open it.

I will forgive you if you giggle at this as I can see the funny side but please take not and watch the next time you open a tin of this tasty stuff.


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