My Week at Fired 4 U last week!

Last week was an amazing week so I thought I’d share it with you.

On Monday we had a group in from Mosaic community care who provide support for challenged young children to young adults ranging from autism to physical disabilities. They booked art and craft sessions daily for 2 weeks with us. This was the beginning of their second week. They were using foam clay to coat wooden figures designing the clothes as they coated them.

So Mel and Ciara were looking after them and other customers whilst I had the pleasure of going to Astley village community centre to entertain 15 disabled children age 10-15yrs with a wide range of disabilities. They loved painting the mugs I provided them with and couldn’t wait to put their names on. I returned mid lunch time to the studio, unloaded the car and caught up with the activities there. We had a gentle stream of customers all day and the Mosaic group painted animal money boxes after lunch then added decorations to their wooden people before going home.

At this point I finished the day by doing a clay imprint for an Auntie who was having this done as a christening gift for her baby nephew.

I dashed off to makro for refreshment supplies and then went to a women in business network event at haigton manor.

Tuesday we were closed so after a short lie in I went off to the Coppice school in Bamber Bridge and helped entertain a group of children on a summer school with pottery painting. They made beautiful animal money boxes.  I unloaded the pottery back at Fired 4 U, home for lunch and back to Fired 4 U to welcome a group of 38 from Burnley, made up of mums, dads and children. Great afternoon. As I seemed to have battled with a strange queasy stomach all day– a bug is going around! I skipped a network event at Leyland having decided I needed to look after myself.

Wednesday saw us with the Mosaic group again this time decorating fabric sand filled lizards with only a couple of other tables booked – imagine my surprise when we had all tables full by 10.20am! And it stayed like that on and off all day. At that point we had crafts, clay , copper enamelling and pottery painting all on the go at the same time. A great feeling watching all the customers engrossed in their pieces.  In the afternoon we also had a birthday party doing the African package. In the evening  at our Adults night I had a regular customer who is deaf coming to paint a Christmas gift.  We had great fun – my signing is not great but we get on fine.

Thursday was our second summer school session with deco patch technique on papier mache horses followed by painting a horse or gecko trinket box. Mel looked after this whilst I worked with Mosaic and between us we looked after other customers – a nice steady day on that front with tables nicely spaced on timings. Mosaic did lovely hanging windows and then bubble painted plates – hilarious fun. Had the luxury of sitting after work having my hair done at the same time! Bliss.

Friday with Mosaic we did mix and match crafts – dream catchers, pencil boxes and wood animals followed by painting pottery dishes. They all asked to do bubble painting again – can recommend this! I dipped out before Mosiac started at 11am leaving Mel in charge and delivered the pottery back to the Coppice school – grins all round! With a busy afternoon in the studio with lots of lovely customers.

Saturday I took the day off properly and stopped! Did you hear the groans as my body stopped on the settee?

 Then Sunday up and out for 7.30am putting up direction signs for the charity 10k at Walton Park for the Medicine and Chernobyl Ribble valley group . Then I handed out marshalling points to the 32 marshals and explained roles and handed out numbers to the runners. Then dashed to work and opened up for 11.30am. I designed and made some clay coasters for a blog I had been asked to do for a craft blog. You’ll here about it when it goes live later this month. Just a couple of painters and a few collections on this day (the Astley village community centre group collected their pottery. So delighted at the results as they hadn’t done this before), but it was nice to have  a quiet day at work to catch up, stock up the shelves and check over the week ahead for staffing and booking details and I made sure we had all the pottery and crafts we needed at the ready for another week at Fired 4 U


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