Giggling mini potters and dancing giraffes!

Hi today was the last Mini  Potters session until 2nd September. The children had fun after playing together putting our jigsaw of the world together. This shows us where all the animals in the world live and today we wanted to know where Giraffes live. Our Mini Potters saw that Giraffes live with lions, hippopotamus and Elephants in the big country called Africa.

We had a story called Tall all about a baby monkey trying to be taller by standing on top of other animals until he was so high on the giraffe he fell off – thankfully his mummy was near by and caught him so he did not hurt himself! Phew

Then we made Dancing Giraffes. I was inspired by Maggie who has a craft blog see here at RedTedArt for Maggies version. We missed out the paints as we dont have that much drying time in the session and swopped paint for coloured paper and lots of glue. We had pre made the legs and neck and cut all the bits out for the Mums to be able to help the little ones assemble the giraffes. Once the giraffes were drying with clothes pegs to hold them together whilst they dried , the mini potters set to and painted a pottery giraffe which will be glazed and fired and be ready for collection next week.


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