The Children arrive from Belarus safely

So the Children from Belarus arrived last Monday and I have only now found time to tell you all about it.  We (My husband and I) were so excited on Monday we had to find ourselves jobs to fill in the time to keep us occupied.

At 1.45pm I dropped him off at the meeting point for those going to collect the children from the airport and I went off to do the food shopping. Shopped via the list and managed to drive off from the supermarket without getting cream for the strawberries! Went to the corner shop and had to be shouted back as I left it on the counter.

Hastily unpacked it all checking the mobile for a text – finally it arrived “arrived safely all well on the way to the welcome tavern” I jumped on the kitchen floor and shocked our cats. An hour until they arrive…. finally I went to the welcome Tavern and was on the way in when I heard a noise and there was the bus, dashed back to the car for the camera and went to meet the children. I tried very hard not to cry but they were running up and hugging me and shouting my name, they had remembered from last year so touching. Then to meet the new children of which there are 4 on their first visit.

Meanwhile Alina the interpreter and our dear friend was still on the bus with the Chairman going through info she needed to pass onto the children. So I was helping the children with cases with the other members until I heard a squeal – my name being shouted out at the top of her voice, we ran to each other and crashed together on the steps hugging for our life, looking at each others faces and hugging more. Oblivious of those around us looking at us and laughing. My husband said we were like 2 kids in the school yard screeching and very comical apparently, but I don’t care. We have Alina and 14 wonderful children here for a month to help there health, have fun and increase their education.

We eventually got Alina to our home at 7pm after she had handed the children over to the host families and translated any necessary info to the children. Of course we chatted all night catching up from where we left off on our last email and seeing photos of our families. A late night but so worth it.

 Tuesday I was out with the children all day helping with the visit to Windmill animal farm, Check up at the dentist (some work needed) and fun afternoon in Avenham Park with bats and balls on the play park near the Boulevard. Such joy to see them playing in the sun enjoying our clean air and settling in together for a month of good fun.

 I’m looking forward to my other days out with the children and great times with Alina on a weekend.


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