Today I am excited, Tomorrow I will burst!

So I woke up this morning, stirred a bit and shouted ” They are coming tomorrow and so is Alina!” , good job my husband was awake. His reply was ” Are you sure because for months you have said oh they are coming soon and they havent appeared!” “Yes I am sure, tomorrow is the tomorrow they are arriving” I said. I felt so EXCITED, I scrunched my self up and wiggled about with a grin the width of my face.

So its tomorrow, Monday 21st June 2010 at 3.15pm ish to be precise, our 14 children will arrive from Belarus where they live in the chernobyl radiation affected areas, ( read my previous post for more info). Most will leave home tonight and board a train just after midnight with a parent to make the journey to Minsk airport to fly to us tomorrow afternoon, a journey of 8 hours of more for some just to get to the plane! ‘Our’ Alina will meet them at the airport.

Alina is a wonderful person, who this time last year was just a name; lady aged 24, called Alina who would be staying with us and being the parent guardian to the children while they stay with our groups families for a month. We were excited that the children were coming and a bit nervous about having an adult staying with us who we had never met, not even a picture.

This year its different, we are still totally excited, pleased, releaved even( see last post on here) that they are coming. Will they have grown? How is their health? Will they be happy to see us? Will the 3 new children to the group be ok and settle in with their host families quickly? These are questions running through our heads. This last year has been a hard year to raise the £12,000 we need to fund this trip for the children but we have managed.

Then there is Alina, she became a life long friend last year and we have been in email contact and some phone calls over the last year. She volunteers with the charity Medicine and Chernobyl as an interpreter to travel with the children, to look after them, to interpret for them during their stay ( they speak russian- such a difficult language to learn). When she went home last year our house felt empty with out her and it’s like not seeing your best friend for far too long. We made her bed and cleaned her room this morning then I came to work. So glad to be at work today – takes my mind off the EXCITMENT.

Tomorrow we will be cats on hot bricks and fit to BURST with EXCITMENT, my husband is going with the coach and some volunteers to collect the children and Alina and I will busy myself getting ready for their arrival. I would only flood the airport if I went to collect them – its still recovering from my tears burst last year!

So I’m off to busy myself now 26 hours until they land in Manchester, I want them here but I don’t want their visit to speed by.

So to our little Belarusian angels; safe journey, good health and we will welcome you with open arms, hugs and love with radiation free air, water and food tomorrow. To Alina, good luck getting 14 young children through the check in, the security checks and on to the plane tomorrow all by your self. X X


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