Live on Radio painting pottery!

Today found me waking up knowing I was going on BBC Radio Lancashire in the afternoon on the live show with Sean McGinty to talk about my Fired 4 U Blog and pottery painting of course. I felt excited and nervous all at the same time. Once at work I was straight into a Birthday party and then planning what we needed for the Hen party tonight so that took my mind off my radio appearance a bit.

Sean found us listed in the creative bloggers section of  and invited me onto his Saturday afternoon summer show. “Would I please take something for him to paint so he could have a go” he asked.

So off I went this afternoon armed with a large pint size mug, paints and brushes and spare plates and brushes, as of course there’s no sink in the studio to use for washing your painting tools as you go along. I left Mel looking after the studio so I could go out.

Once settled into the recording part of the studio Sean introduced me and Fired 4 U talking about Blog Preston which led us to talk about the Fired 4 U Blog. I am aiming to put articles up on here of varied subjects; telling you what we are up to and showing you how to do different painting techniques.

Painting pottery in an enclosed space with Sean was amusing, a challenge and great fun. His desk in front of the mixing decks (not sure if this is the right word for it) is about 9 inches wide – not much space to balance pot, paint and water right in front of electrical kit! However somehow we managed. Whilst Sean had a music track playing I mixed paint and showed him the first step, this allowed him a head start as time was limited.  Once on air I explained what he had to do and he made a ‘start’ whilst pulling a funny face when the paint ran a bit.

During the next track he quickly painted the handle and was finding it really relaxing and of course then he found it very hard to talk. His right side of the brain had kicked in and that makes it very difficult to talk and do something at the same time. See my Blog post on 11 March 2010 it explains all. If you listen to the replay of the program you’ll hear him almost stop talking – that was so funny to watch.  He had to explain to the listeners he was feeling very mellow and not to worry if all chat stopped!

 Of course we were doing this between Sean making sports announcements, having the jingle on and playing traffic news and of course interviewing me. During the next track he had to choose paint colours and what to use to decorate the mug. Now I had asked him in an email his preferences on colour and what his interests were and got back “oh choose any thing, what ever you think is best” – the worst thing I can be told! It is hard trying to second guess what someone would choose when you have no idea and don’t know them! So Sean chose tangerine as he is from Blackpool (the football strip is tangerine and if you don’t follow football they have just qualified to go up into the premier division). So to match Sean’s ambition as a rising star and Blackpool’s rising success he chose to use the star stamp. I demonstrated how to use this by putting a stamped star on to his mug during another music track, then once live on air again (whilst music is playing on the station we can talk to each other in the studio without the world hearing us) he stamped the stars in and did really well as he was still asking me questions at the same time. The last start just moved a bit so it became the unique bit and a shooting star!

It was good fun this afternoon and great promotion for my Studio, I hope we had lots of listeners. Sean is posting his photo of his mug on Facebook see!/BBCLancashire?ref=search

You can listen to the show for the next week here We were on air at 3.10pm so if you dont want to listen to all the show forward to 3.10pm and listen in


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