The Biggest hand prints ever

A few weeks ago I took a Call from BBC radio Lancashire – would I go on air and do clay hand prints with Brett Davison on the tea time show? He was covering the news of Anton Du Beke having a fitting a Louis Tussauds at Blackpool and want to create an impression of himself live on air too! So of course I said yes.

I prepared before going by rolling out the clay in advance to make life a bit easier – It took me 2 go’s to roll out a piece of clay big enough as I am so used to doing babies from 7 days upwards – never done an adults and certainly not a lovely man from Yorkshire with big hands! So big infact the clay just fitted on my drying boards with not much to spare.

Brett was a delight to meet and we did great impressions of his hands in the clay. They dried out nicely then I fired them. Brett then came down to the studio so watch me paint them up whilst he interviewed me asking how I got into doing Fired 4 U.  Brett of course got hooked on Fired 4 U and returned to collect his finished hand prints and had his photo taken in the studio holding up his now treasured piece of art.

Here he is!

Listen to BBC Radio Lancashire on Saturday 5th June 3pm and you will hear me talking about this blog and teaching the DJ Sean how to paint pottery live on radio!


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