Painting in an Arboretum at Croston

Sunday 25th of April was a big event for Fired 4 U; we were attending the Croston Arts Festival, the first of its kind. It started off as a celebration with a village school and art and escalated to all sorts of art activities and events taking place all over the village.

So on Saturday when the last customer left the studio I loaded up the car with all the pottery and paints and then table and chairs and the important bucket to wash up in and bottles of water to wash up and paint with.

Sunday came and with my husband we set off for Croston and arrived there midday, to set up outside in the Crofter Arboretum – yes outside in the open air in a lovely setting with daffodils everywhere and blossom on the trees and not forgetting the big black clouds above. No rain for about a week or more and today it had to forecast 70% chance of rain, great!

 Here is Fired 4 U set up in this lovely surrounding with a make shift paint station on the curb by the out door class room you can see over on the left. Another amazing bit of Croston.


In the same area there was a marquee with various singing groups performing over the afternoon and they were all very good. Over the far side there was an amazing artist carving tree trunks with a chain saw – wow he was good; eagles, religious figures and a cute bunny being about half of what he produced. The Chinese lion dancer made an appearance in and out of the trees, I could just see his head over the crowd and then we got a rush….. all 8 painting finished at once and needed to complete tracking sheets and decide where to collect their pottery from – my studio or designated collection point in the village, at the same time 8 and more wanted to sit down and have a go and then we had a queue waiting. Oh I juggled just like the circus school that was performing somewhere in Croston and doing a have a go session too.

At 4.30pm we stopped as we reached 50 painters which we had been given the funding for as all the activities had been sponsored by grants. Wow, we had been busy, that’s why my legs were aching! Sadly I was too busy to get a photo of the action. But everyone had fun and is now counting the days until they get their fired pottery back.

 What of my husband mentioned earlier on? Well he helped set up and then took a wander to see what was on, found a comfy seat in a pub with pint and paper. He called to tell me “call if you need help”. When the rush went mad for the 3rd time, I did call and he came running and did a grand job of washing the painting tools and plates keeping them in circulation.

Hopefully we can make this event an annual one and I and Me, Fired 4 U will be delighted to do it again.


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