The Joy Pottery brings to people

Tara of  is running a blog Gallery and this week the subject to write about is JOY.
This is my joy, my customers pottery having been glazed now waiting to be fired and read on why this brings me joy!

 Last week was full of Joy for me, it all came from my customers being amazed at their achievements or enjoying the new experience.

On Good Friday a family came in for the first time, mum, dad, daughter and ‘baby’ of 19 months, they came back last Friday to collect the finished pottery. Mum couldn’t believe how lovely her daughter’s plate was and was blown away by the Easter bunny painted by her youngest and thanked me profusely. I only gave direction and glazed it but the joy on her face was thanks enough.

 We had a group of children in each day supported by Mosaic community care, the children are mostly  autistic to varying degrees, or have sight or hearing difficulties. I can’t name them but  ‘A’ arrived not wishing to stay on Wednesday as he doesn’t like unfamiliar surroundings. Finding common ground with him somehow by discussing the Chitty chitty bang bang movie he settled in fine. At the end of the day before his mum collected him he just said I have had a great day, really enjoyed it and I will come back if my mum will bring me! Oh wow the joy I felt, I had really made a difference for ‘A’ and he came back on Friday and settled in straight away. A little girl called ‘H’ showing no facial expression really and being very quiet all day was with us for 4 days. Day 3 she turned round on her way out and said ‘Jane thank you I have had a lovely day, thank you for letting me make my elephant’ then I got a smile and a hug oh what joy I felt.

Wednesday evening I had a table of ladies in who are friends from college days. They hadn’t been able to get together at Fired 4 U since November. One said when they were clearing up, I love our chat and banter catching up on things but its not just that it’s the relaxing here at Fired 4 U. I hadn’t realized how much I missed it. We must come back soon. Great joy! As it its relaxing and fun and when I hear this said it just makes my day and fills me with joy.


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